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South March Highlands Conservation Forest

The South March Highlands Conservation Forest

The South March Highlands Conservation Forest is a 457-hectare nature preserve located in the town of Kanata, Ontario. It is home to some of the highest ecological value in Ottawa. This area is ideal for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking. In order to maintain this natural area, a management plan needs to be developed. Check this out for more details.

Nature reserve in Ottawa

If you love to hike and enjoy nature, the South March Highlands Conservation Forest is a great place to visit. This area is a pristine piece of Canadian Shield and is an ideal destination for outdoor activities.

The area features a wide array of plants, animals, and trees. There are a variety of trails that are suitable for hiking, biking, and trail running. You will also find an amphibian pond and a butterfly meadow.

These areas were once home to a large fur trade. But, the trade ended in the mid-19th century. After a long period of beaver elimination, the fur trade moved farther west and the forests began to re-grow.

The South March Highlands Conservation Area is a 457-hectare nature preserve. It is located in Kanata, Ontario and offers hiking and mountain biking.

Highest ecological value of any area in the city of Ottawa

The National Capital Greenbelt has an impressive range of ecosystems. From wetlands, to natural forest and field areas, the Greenbelt supports Ottawa’s ecological sustainability goals. It also contributes to the quality of life in the city.

Ottawa’s Greenbelt is a key asset to the city. But, there are issues with the way the NCC protects lands. Some lands have been sold or expropriated for infrastructure projects, while others are cut off for reasons that are not in keeping with the ecological values.

A new initiative by the Greenbelt Coalition is to enhance the Greenbelt. To ensure that it remains a cherished asset, Ottawa needs to take steps to protect it from the current threats.

For starters, the City of Ottawa has committed to a comprehensive Wildlife Strategy. This will involve a focus on public education, as well as wildlife-sensitive planning. Learn more about Ottawa here.

Ideal terrain for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking

The Kanata Lakes and South March Highlands are two great places to go hiking, trail running and mountain biking. They feature lakes, beaver ponds and high points, and they are home to large eastern white pines. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll find a variety of trails that are perfect for both beginners and advanced riders.

One of the most popular trails is the Cedar Grove Waling Trail, which starts at parking lot E3. This 4.0 km loop features rock formations, pictographs and a clifftop lookout.

Another trail that’s worth checking out is the Alfred Bog Walk. It has a 278-metre boardwalk and an abundance of flora.

If you want a good mix of trail and forest, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the area surrounding Marlboro Forest. This 152-hectare preserve has five trails of varied lengths.

Management plan needed

If you’re interested in the Forest of Ottawa, you’ll soon have the opportunity to make your voice heard on a management plan. The Forest of Ottawa has been under increasing stress from surrounding development, and the City has decided it’s time to put some thought into how best to use its assets to benefit both residents and visitors.

The planning process will include consultation with stakeholders. A comprehensive Management Plan will ensure that the area is managed in a way that preserves its natural features while providing opportunities for people to engage in the area.

The Forest of Ottawa is an ecologically significant area, and it is important to recognize its value to the local community and visitors alike. One of the city’s many attractions is its trail system. Several kilometers of trails are maintained by the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association.

Public open house

The South March Highlands Conservation Forest, a 457 hectare nature preserve, is home to many plants, trees and wildlife. It is an important natural resource in the City of Ottawa. In order to keep this ecologically important area alive, the City is developing a management plan.

The management plan is being prepared in conjunction with a public open house, which was held on Monday, March 2, 2009. The meeting was a success. During the public open house, attendees were able to share their views on the management plan.

The South March Highlands Conservation Forest is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts in the City of Ottawa. It has a wide variety of trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Hundreds of species of plants, trees, and animals are found within the forest. Next article.



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