Residential Concrete & Interlock Cleaning

We are the soft washing alternative to pressure washing!

Softwash Butler provides professional pressure washing & soft washing services for your home. We clean siding, stucco, shingle & metal roofs, fences, wood, concrete, and more. Our soft washing techniques will kill and remove mildew, mold, moss, grime, and dirt; which helps keep the property cleaner longer. Softwash Butler uses eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals.

Our residential pressure washing and soft washing services are broken up in three categories: House Washing, Roof Cleaning, and Concrete & Interlock Cleaning.

Concrete & Interlock Cleaning

Softwash Butler provides pressure washing and soft washing options for cleaning concrete depending on the needs of our customers. We can significantly improve the appearance of your concrete sidewalk and driveway. We use only top of the line flat surface cleaners in combination with high psi pressure washers. Concrete tends to get discoloured by acid rain, high temperatures, snow, salt, moisture, pooling water, and other factors. Benefits for concrete cleaning include longer life of the concrete and removing the slippery texture moss and mildew have when wet.

We provide soft washing solutions for cleaning paver stones, interlock driveways and walkways, and other delicate stones that cannot handle pressure washers. Our soft washing solution prevents the chance of pitting the surface as well as doesn’t blast out the grout.

You can also cause a lot of damage to your home using the incorrect pressure and chemicals, costing you much more in the end. Contact a professional company like Window Butler; we will safely, efficiently, and properly complete all your pressure washing and soft washing needs.