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Old Quarry Trail

The Old Quarry Trail

The Old Quarry Trail in Kanata, Ontario is a great location for hiking, picnicking, birdwatching, and many other activities. The trail is accessible for all ages and levels of hiking abilities. See our home page.


The Old Quarry Trail is a short and fun hike in Kanata, Ontario. It starts at the edge of an old quarry and follows a route through a beautiful forested area. There is a scenic overlook along the way, and plenty of open space to spread out your picnic.

One of the main attractions of this trail is the sheer number of bird species that can be spotted in the area. This is especially true in winter. A Purple Finch, White-winged Crossbill, and Pine Siskins were heard regularly in the winter of 2008-09.

Getting there: You can get to the Old Quarry Trail from downtown Ottawa by driving south on Eagleson Road. Just south of the intersection with Hazeldean is the parking lot.

This trail has plenty of twists and turns to make it a challenge for novice hikers, but it is also easy to enjoy the view.


The Old Quarry Trail is a beautiful forested area with plenty of wildlife to see. It is a popular hiking and biking trail that provides beautiful views of the countryside.

This conservation area is an island of green space within the city. The area features mature white pine stands, a pond, and deciduous woods. There have been over 250 species of birds documented in the area.

In the fall and winter months, the area can be a great place to find waterbirds. You will also find some migrant songbirds.

The area’s wetlands are home to many species, including flycatchers. A brushy field on the south side of the conservation area attracts House Wrens. On the north side, an open alvar attracts sparrows and flycatchers.

In the summer, the area has plenty of nesting and migratory species. One of the rarer breeding birds is the Wood Thrush. Another is the Golden-winged Warbler. More about Ottawa here.

Hiking for all ages and abilities

The Old Quarry Trail Kanata ON is an easy to moderate trail that offers beautiful views and opportunities for wildlife viewing. It is located in the Stony Swamp sector of Canada’s Capital Greenbelt.

It is a wide gravel stone dust trail that follows the old railroad right-of-way. The trail is best suited for hiking, biking and bird watching.

One of the best parts of the Old Quarry Trail is its scenic overlook. In addition, the trail is a great location for fishing. There is also a creek that runs alongside the trail.

Although the route is relatively short, the trail is still a great way to explore the area. Some of the most interesting sights include a pond with a beaver pond, a rocky outcrop and an abandoned limestone quarry.


If you’re looking for a trail with beautiful scenery and a nice twist, you should check out the Old Quarry Trail. It’s a great place for bird watching and a good place for biking. This 1.7-mile loop is also one of the best places to get some exercise. The trail is relatively easy, though it has some steep sections.

You can find the trail’s parking lot on Eagleson Road, just south of the intersection with Hazeldean. The trail itself is relatively flat, though it has plenty of twists and turns to keep it interesting. In fact, the trail is a good choice for all ages and abilities. The trail’s best features include an incredible view of the surrounding countryside, a great creek to catch a few fish, and a wildlife spotting opportunity.


If you are looking for a trail that offers stunning views of the country side and provides a chance to see some wildlife, you should check out the Old Quarry Trail in Kanata, Ontario. This trail is located in the Stony Swamp sector of the Capital Greenbelt, which is Canada’s largest wooded area. The trails in this area are perfect for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. There are also plenty of photo opportunities in this area because of the many trees that can be found here.

The trail is a relatively easy walk, and it offers plenty of twists and turns. It starts at the edge of an abandoned quarry and winds through a forest. In spring, tree frogs can be heard. The forest is comprised of a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees. During the summer, the area is attractive to wood-warblers as they migrate. Many photographers visit the area to take pictures of the white-tailed deer. Check our next area of interest here.



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