Commercial Parking & Garage Sweeping

Softwash Butler provides professional parking lot sweeping and garage power sweeping using our ride-on Tennant M20 Sweeper Scrubber. This machine can sweep debris, power wash the floors, and vacuum all water on the ground; all at the same time! It is a highly efficient machine and has a low profile, so it fits in all parking garages.

It is recommended to have your parking lot and garage swept & cleaned at least once a year after the snow melts. This is to remove all the dirt, debris, and salt build up over the winter.

Depending on the volume of traffic for your parking garage you may want to go on a quarterly or monthly cleaning plan. Many parking garages have constant buildup of efflorescence naturally and brought in from vehicles. It is a calcium and salt whitish yellow stain and buildup.

It is crucial to have the concrete cleaned and these stains removed before it causes premature damage. Damages include cracks, rusting out the rebar steel in the concrete, flaking and crumbling of concrete.

Softwash Butler’s 4-Step Parking Lot & Garage Power Sweeping Process

Step 1 Inspect site for any damage and concerns on the ground before starting. We also pick up large debris and garbage during the inspection.

Step 2 We run our Tennant M20 on sweeper mode to pick up all dirt, dust, debris, and anything else on the ground. All debris picked up is removed off site. Sweeping all debris first prevents it all from going into your drains and clogging them.

Step 3 If pressure washing the parking lot or garage is part of the package, we then begin pressure washing the walls, pillars, edges, corners, and floor. While pressure washing, we have our Tennant M20 go around in sweeper scrubber mode to thoroughly scrub the floors and vacuum all water. This process prevents water and debris from going into your drains as well as removes standing water.

Step 4 We inspect the whole parking lot again and do touch-ups where required. If added to the package we then do special cleaning for removing oil spots, rust, efflorescence, graffiti, and other stains. We also provide high dusting to all the pipes in parking garages during this time if added to the package.