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6 Benefits Of Using Window Butler Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services

Benefits And Reasons For Using Window Butler Window Cleaning Services

Prevents flooding – When your gutters are clogged they will overflow, and will flow inside your soffit, down the side of your building and into the lowest point of your building, which is the basement.

Prevents ice damming – When getting your gutters cleaned out in the fall or just before the winter this clears up all the room for snow and ice to build up and melt. If the gutters are clogged the snow and ice will build on top of that and will eventually start building up ice on your roof. This can cause damage to your shingles, the wood under the shingles, as well as damage the gutters by loosening the nails holding it in place.

Prevents insect breeding – Mosquitos, flies, termites, wasps, and many other insects and bacteria love a gutter filled with debris and free standing water. Cleaning your gutters will help reduce the amount of these insects in and around your building.

Prevents cracked foundations – If your gutter is clogged and overflowing, the water will run along the side of your building and will reach the foundation. During colder temperatures the overflowing water pooling around your foundation will start to freeze which can cause severe cracks in your foundation.

Prevents rotten wood – Having standing water always in your gutter doesn’t allow the wood in your fascia to completely dry out. Over time this will weaken the wood around the gutters causing them to become rotten and even moldy.
Cleaning your gutters reduces the weight and stress on the gutter and downspouts which will help them last the life of your building.

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